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Do you remember how did the flight transactions go for your last flight?

Long time spent in queues for the entrance of the airport and for check-in and passport procedures, waiting and waiting... If time is precious for you, you should definitely make use of our Fast Direct services. Our Fast Direct services would enable you to make use of all these flight formalities as fast and comfortable as possible, accompanied by a guide, without waiting in any queues.

Fast-Direct Services - Arriving Passengers

Our Fast Direct Services are provided from our Terminal 1 and 2 passenger terminals.

Upon confirmation of your reservations, our guide will welcome you in the boarding bridge if the plane is at the bridge and in the entrance door of the terminal if the plane is in the open parking position with a name card.

With the guide your visa requirements are met and the passport check is done without waiting in a queue. Upon completion of these formalities,

you luggage will arrive from baggage straps and the procedure is completed at the agency welcoming counters at the terminal's exist door, together with our guide.

Our guide will help you about any problems you might experience in these transactions.

Fast-Direct Service - Departing Passengers

Our Fast Direct service for departing passengers begin with our guide's welcoming our passengers at Fast-Direct meeting point in the

entrances of Terminals with a name card 2 hours prior to their flight, together with their reservation confirmation.

With the help of our guide, you will have the opportunity to pass through X-Ray Security checks quickly and to make use of the check-in counter procedure and special passport check transactions without waiting in the queues. Upon completion of all these procedures, our guide will accompany you to the gate area and help you with possible problems that you may face.

We advise our passengers, who make use of the Fast Direct service to add 'request for using the CIP Lounge' to their reservations and to benefit from our lounge services in our CIP lounges in Terminals 1 and 2. Our CIP lounges provide world-quality service in a spacious relaxing atmosphere with

comfortable sofa sets, selected complimentary foods-beverages, watching TV and wireless Internet connection. Our lounges are open 7 days 24 hours.

We wish to remind you that in order for sound provision of all our Fast Direct services, your reservation should be booked at least 24 hours prior to your flight and it can be accepted until 12 hours prior to your flight, at most.

Our Fast Direct service prevents you from spending your precious time in tiring and long queues both at the beginning and end of your holidays with the help of our welcoming personnel. We wish you a nice flight.