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Beldibi cave : It was a second important habitation center of the prehistoric era, and some remnants of the Middle Stone Age (Mezolithic) were found in diggings in this cave .The remains of ordinary household objects, cups, pots and of some rough figurines of goats and animals, are really stunning. Beldibi Cave is an under rock shelter located at the 38th kilometer of the coastal highway between Antalya and Kemer, just after the Camdag tunnel. It is at the locality of Oba village.

Olimpos On walking 45 kilometers from Antalya towards the west, you get to Olimpos, which is 50 meters high above sea-level, and which was one of the important cities of the Lykia Kingdom. You can go by bus from Antalya. It’s about 1 hour. One can go to “Yanartas” from “Cirali” which is 7 kilometers far from the City. Here you will see the burning-gas flourishing out of a rock crack for thousands of years.

Phaselis It is one of the early Greek colonies, and seems to be an important commercial port in the 6th Century B.C. Sometime later it was mastered by Alexander the Great, and in the Christian Period it became a center of priesthood. Brutus brought the City under the dependency of Rome in the year 42 B.C. It lost its importance in the 9th Century.

There is a myth: “Hipponoes, the son of Glaukos, the King of Epyr has killed his brother, Belleros, in hunting accidently. Upon this unexpected tragedy, Hipponoes is called as “Bellerophontes” meaning “Eater of Belleros”. The brother killer has not only stained with fratricide, but also has the suffering of being exiled from his country. After so many pains and wanderings Bellerephontes pleas protection of Preotos, the King of “Tipins” in Greece. The prince is a handsome young man, so that the wife of the King falls in love with the young prince. But the young man doesn’t betray his protector and commit so great a wrong! The Queen, then, is very angry with him and tells her husband that Bellerephontes tried to seduce her. The King hesitates and guided by conscience he sends him to his father-in-law named Yobates, the King of Lykia, so that he should be killed there. But King Yobates also can’t manage to get this young man murdered. However, he tries another way of getting rid of him.

He will spare his life in defeating the Monster Chimera which has lion-head, goat body, snake-tail and which flame has been flourishing out of its mouth, in the environment. On the other hand, the father of the gods, Zeus, pitying our Hero and sends Pegasus, the Winged-Horse to him. On the back of this godlike horse he struggles with this fearful monster and puts Chimera in the earth 7 times deep. So results of the legend and concludes that this flame of the Monster has been flourishing out of the dark depths of the earth since.”