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Historical spectacle with 64 dancers on stage. Choreographer Mustafa Erdoğan modelled his show on the stories of the famous poet Homer about the Trojan Horse. Homer is the most famous ancient Greek poet and was born in Izmir (now in Turkey), which was called Smyrna at the time. Through thirteen scenes this show takes you on a dazzling tour of history. In the past few years Fire of Anatolia has toured extensively with its first show, to sold-out venues and great acclaim. With Troy the company makes a stunning impression, bringing no less than 64 dancers to the stage. Every minute bursts with tremendous energy. The beautiful costumes dazzle the eye.
Fire of Anatolia has earned itself a place among the great names of the dance world. The company performs all over the world at venues that are consistently sold out, such as Madison Square Garden in New York, as well as at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

The last few years they attracted over twenty million spectators in no less than 85 countries.