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You do not need to know driving or have a driving licence for QUAD ATV safari tours... Everyone can join our safari tours and ride QUAD - ATV motors. After a short information and practising, you are being accustomed to ride it. Our safari tours are organised in special places, trails which far away from city, noisy and pollution... You will have an excellent and exciting experience and spend an unforgettable day. Dividing the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey from the central Anatolian plateau, the rocky mountains are a wonderland for the adventure traveler. It is perfect terrain for a Quad Bike Safari, a 4-wheeled motorbike – more officially known as an All Terrain Vehicle, or ATV – that can take you places you could only dream of reaching with another vehicle. You will zoom through pine forests and splash through muddy streams. There will be plenty of twists and turns through the limestone bluffs to keep you on your toes.

Everyone over 16 years old can join in the fun. After a short orientation and practice session you will soon know the basics and be on your way.Throttle up, enjoy the ride and admire the views.