• Golf potential in Antalya is growing each year

Golf is big business and Turkey is becoming an important European market for resorts that cater to the game’s enthusiasts.

Integrated golf resort developments in Turkey have the second strongest mid-to-long-term growth potential of all countries in the European Mediterranean region. Turkey with its impressive Belek golf cluster (Antalya), represents an emerging golf tourism destination, and now accounts for 7 percent of the pan-regional supply of coastal resorts.

The Antalya area is well-developed, and boasts a large international community. That should make it attractive to golfers from all around the world. And the airport that serves the region receives international flights from the world over.

It is forecast that many of the million-plus golfers in France, some of whom already travel to Morocco and Tunisia to play, will consider Turkey as an exciting new destination. Belek’s reputation as an international golf hub is snowballing by increasing demand.

Golfers need not worry about the quality of the golf courses. A PGA golf tournament is played every year in Belek, with world-beater Tiger Woods being one of the contestants in 2013.